Meet the Creators of
Living Locket Films


We are on a mission to reinvent the way stories are passed down through generations.

Behind Living Locket Films is power couple Michael Broussard and Jennifer Fernandes. After meeting in film school these two dove into the world of television where they quickly found success working at Nickelodeon. Although they greatly enjoyed their work in television, they weren't fulfilled. Two years into their careers, Michael and Jennifer got the idea to film a tribute video in memory of Jennifer's mom Bette who had passed away in 2009 from Pancreatic Cancer. Jennifer had realized the memory of her mom 

was fading and something had to be done to ensure that her memory was captured to be shared with future generations. The process of creating Bette's tribute documentary not only strengthened Jennifer's memory of her mom, but also unveiled incredible stories about Bette that hadn't previously been known. This experience led Michael and Jennifer to find their purpose in life, discovering their passion for capturing family stories and igniting a desire to change the way history is preservedIn 2015, Michael and Jennifer made the bold decision to leave their careers at Nickelodeon and follow their hearts, launching Living Locket Films. Since then, they have traveled across the nation documenting family stories for all occasions, capturing stories of love, war, parenthood and everything in between. Although their legacy work consumes a lot of their time, they've found a way to maintain their career in the television industry. Most recently, Michael and Jen worked as Director of Photography/Director and Camera Operator for CBS's The Recruit and This Is Hawaii as well as UPTv's Our Wedding Story. Ultimately, they have a deep-rooted love for story telling and together, Michael and Jennifer are on a mission to document history in a unique way that allows it to be shared with and enjoyed by generations forever.