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What's Your Story?
Legacy Documentaries


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Life Story

Whether you are interested in capturing the life story of your grandparents, parents or even yourself, this is the package 

for you! We turn your forgotten photographs and home video footage into a cohesive story told by you and your loved ones through our interview process. Our goal is to capture the stories that make you laugh and warm your heart, unveil the stories that have never been shared and ultimately document your family history so that it can be enjoyed and passed down for generations. Not only will this video chronicle your loved one's legacy, as told by them, but it will also capture their voice, laugh and personality in a way that a photograph simply cannot.



Losing someone you love is hard and we want to help ease your hardship by giving you a treasure that will forever encapsulate your loved one's memory, providing you with comfort when you miss them most. While a classic picture slideshow is a great way to honor those who have passed, we take our films a step further by having family members and friends share their favorite stories on camera. We then add your favorite photographs and home video clips into the edit, helping to illustrate the memories shared. Our goal is to capture the persona, story, and impact your loved one had and will forever leave behind in a video that will preserve their legacy for present and future generations. 

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Love Story

Do you, your parents or close friends have a milestone anniversary coming up? What about an engagement party? Wedding? Vow renewal?Celebrate your relationship and share your one of a kind journey with a love 

story documentary. This priceless film will chronicle all of the unforgettable moments you've shared throughout your years together. During our on camera interview we will guide you on a walk down memory lane, capturing stories 

from the time you met, to your first date, your wedding day and everything in between. To help illustrate all of your memories we incorporate your photographs and home videos into the film making this unique treasure one you will want to share!

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Watch Me Grow

Rather than wait to film a life story video, start building a documentary of your little ones now. The Watch Me Grow series allows you to collect life's moments as they unfold! This package focuses on children, creating a digital yearbook that compiles all of their accomplishments, interests, dreams, and more in one place to be revisited and enjoyed for years to come. 

Using our fun list of questions we interview your little one, 

capturing their personality and then we let them lead the show giving us a "day in the life" glimpse from their perspective.  The format of this package is designed for us to follow up every 1-3 years to document your child's growth, adding to the documentary each time.



"Michael and Jennifer did a simply outstanding job on our project with our 88 year old mother.  We could not be more pleased.  Our mother had a scrap book that she and our father put together during their courtship and up through their wedding... We wanted to do something to special with our Mom, both to memorialize the book and make it available to the extended family, but also to remember our mother for decades to come.  Working with Michael and Jennifer, we had our mom videotaped while she paged through her scrap book and told stories... The final products - both the video, and copies of the scrap book photographed and reprinted - were completed ahead of schedule and were excellent, professional products.  We cannot recommend Living Locket Films highly enough for the quality of their product, and the conduct of their staff.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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Yelp | 2.8.2021

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