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About Us.

Behind Living Locket Films are business partners - Michael Broussard and Jen Fernandes. The two met in film school where they earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Cinema and Television Arts. After graduating, they dove into the world of television where they quickly found success working at Nickelodeon. While they enjoyed the opportunities and experience, the projects weren't as fulfilling as they hoped and that desire for fulfillment ultimately led them to create Living Locket Films. While continuing to grow in the industry, Michael and Jen directed their talents towards more meaningful and impactful projects. In 2015, they filmed their first legacy video, which was a tribute in memory of Jen's mom, Bette, who had passed away from pancreatic cancer. Their goal was to encapsulate every precious memory of Bette from friends and family to preserve the impact she had shared with the world. Throughout this process, everyone was left with stronger memories of Bette and new, wonderful stories that otherwise might never have been shared. More so, they now had a priceless keepsake that could be passed down and shared with future generations. Overall, this experience led Michael and Jen to find their purpose and discover a passion for documentary filmmaking. Since the launch of their business, Michael and Jen have filmed stories for families, businesses both big and small, and even television- filming and directing for shows including CBS's The Recruit and UPTV's Our Wedding Story.

Meet the Team

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