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We are on a mission to reinvent the way stories are passed down through generations.

Behind Living Locket Films is power couple Michael Broussard and Jennifer Fernandes. With a diverse background in television production, cinematography and storytelling these two have created an all-in-one production company that provides video services to everyone from television networks to corporate companies to families. Their journey into family legacy videos began after creating a tribute video to commemorate Jennifer's mom, Bette, who had passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. This experience was transformative in Michael and Jennifer's lives and filled them with a passion they hadn't felt before. It was through this process that they realized they wanted to change the way stories were passed down through generations. Together, they've chosen to pursue a mission to work with families and document history in a unique way that allows it to be enjoyed and shared forever.


Legacy Documentaries

In an age of ever-evolving technology it is easy for printed and digital media from our favorite moments to become obsolete and lost in time. At Living Locket Films we turn your forgotten photographs and home video footage into a cohesive story told by you and your loved ones, preserving your favorite memories so that they can be relived and shared for years to come.  

Recruitment Videos

With an extensive background in recruitment we want to help shine light on what makes your community special. Prior to the pandemic we produced, directed, and filmed a CBS show for two years called "The Recruit" where we created recruitment videos for some of the largest companies in the world such as Taco Bell, Hasbro, Zoom, Trip Advisor, Pandora, Clorox and so many more! For the last 3 years we have worked with over 20 local schools, producing high quality marketing videos that have helped increase their visibility and attract new students.  

Wedding Films

It takes a special team to authentically capture your unique love story, so who better to work with than a pair that gets it? Being a couple ourselves, we put our heart and soul into telling your story on film the way we would want our own story captured. Using your vision as our inspiration we incorporate our creativity and skill to produce a breathtaking visual narrative of your wedding day, ensuring that every special moment of your day will be remembered forever.

Branded Content

With a history of working for  Nickelodeon, CBSand UPTv, Jennifer and Michael chose to further follow their passion for filmmaking by creating their own full-service production company. Working with brands such as Clorox, Hasbro, NARS, and Fre Skincare, Michael and Jennifer strive to tell compelling and cinematic stories of businesses and the individuals behind their success



"Michael and Jennifer did a simply outstanding job on our project with our 88 year old mother.  We could not be more pleased.  Our mother had a scrap book that she and our father put together during their courtship and up through their wedding... We wanted to do something to special with our Mom, both to memorialize the book and make it available to the extended family, but also to remember our mother for decades to come.  Working with Michael and Jennifer, we had our mom videotaped while she paged through her scrap book and told stories... The final products - both the video, and copies of the scrap book photographed and reprinted - were completed ahead of schedule and were excellent, professional products.  We cannot recommend Living Locket Films highly enough for the quality of their product, and the conduct of their staff.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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YELP | 2/8/2021